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PostSubject: For CIVICNOS   Sun May 04, 2014 8:11 pm


Basiclly if you are running for 2 COGS ( ussing COF Directorate Secret Letter ) you must do first run 1-50 get COG reward and on the next room click on "Back to room 1" . Then use the COF letter on little NPC on the corner in room 1 so you can do another run till room 50. On room 50 - again from the little NPC on the corner get COG reward ( 2nd option ) and start the run from 50-60 . Thats how you gona have 2 Cogs at the end of the run and you will do only 1 time from 50-60 ( which is round 1.5-2 mils each ) .
After you are in room 60 speak to the BIG YELLOW TROLL in the middle of the room to get reward ( be sure COG from the first room to be in the first place to use ) and w8 for the timer of 30 mins to expire , so you can transfer the second COG ( dont leave the room before that or u'll lose COG ).

Some other HINTS for the rooms :
room 52 - last boss hits a little bit harder ( if u die - u fail ) .

room 53 - Dont get anything on target and get closer to the white ball . When he attacks you ( hit for 4-5 dmg ) go to the shiny circles and make the ball to follow you .
I found this way to be the easyest . May also use silance ( if u have ) to make the ball run from u .

room 56 - if u miss the " brother " ( npc that u need for the quest ) and get back to first room - U FAIL .

room 57 - red mobs hit me for like 4.2k , so better run away from them

room 58 - need 10 DO-All cards to pass ( 2nd quest ) . If u chose 1rst option u fail . If u dont have 10 do-alls w8 for some1 to sell u or give u for free .

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