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PostSubject: New Member Wanting to Join Forum   New Member Wanting to Join Forum EmptyMon Dec 19, 2016 7:24 pm

Hi. I'm already in Kylin, but wanted to register. To that end, I filled out the following:

- When applying, use your in-game name with the char you want to join Kylin.
Elycium, archer
- Tell us about your gear.
Full G16, +4 to +7, immacs
- Tell us about your rebirth state.
Level 94 in 2nd RB. Expect to finish in the next few days.
- Tell us about your cultivation.
- Tell us about your goals.
Mostly TW and farming
- Tell us about your TW (Territory War) experience.
Been in many TWs as scout, squad leader (cata, support, defense), and war leader.
Provisioning for TW, squad formation, organization, etc. Been TWing on Lost City and Harshlands since...well, since Lost City started and since Harshlands started and ended. Razz I've been an archer, wizard, veno, barb, seeker in TW.
- Tell us your expectations from the guild.
Grow, chat, build. Nothing big. Mutual respect is a big thing. Have been a longtime fan of Kylin.
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New Member Wanting to Join Forum
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