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 Kylin Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Guidelines

1.  Be active.

2.  We are a TW guild. Please understand that you need to attend TW to remain in the guild. If you have long periods where you can't, there are other ways you can secure your spot in the guild (donate herbs for TW pots, help members out with different things), but you have to be willing to work for it.

3.  We are RPK, but I would much appreciate if you left the lowbies to their own devices.

4.  Do Faction Dailies (GBQ) a few times a week as an easy way for us to monitor your activity, also yields experience points and ability to buy special base pots for TW.

5.  Do not trash talk. It is annoying and serves no real purpose.

6.  Be Respectful of others in faction.

8.  Use forums regularly. It is a tool used to communicate, as not everyone is in the same timezone.

9.  Download and use vent. http://www.ventrilo.com/ We are a TW faction and Vent is the easiest way to communicate during such guild events. Once downloaded and installed get on and say hello.

10. Upon being accepted into faction, make a post in Applications that you agree to the rules in this post, using your ingame name. A forum account will be created for you with your ingame name.

TW Rules:

1. Every week, you should sign up for war. The only thread open is where you should sign up. You may be left out of the formations.

2. TW is a guild effort, with only a maximum of 80 players per war. Formations are created to give us the best chance of winning, do not feel left out as you can still enter war as long as a squad leader is looking for fill in's.

3. Team leaders will need to post a screenshot of their squad after every war.

4. If you built towers, paid for charms (for catas), or paid for cata scrolls. Ask faction leader for money.

5. Be prepared for TW in the best way possible. Preparations include getting, charm, pots, buffs, blessings, TW gear and to be at North East Archosaur Battle Coordinator in good time (~30 minutes) before TW.

6. Please pay attention to the squad chat for instructions as most instructions will be given out shortly before TW start.

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Kylin Rules and Regulations
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